Andrew and Jon spent many years working together at Visa Europe in London, sitting a few desks away from eachother.

Their paths through life have been very different but both have an overwhelming sense of grattitude for the help, advice and mentoring they have respectively received over their years.

They are both passionate about entrepreneurism and have a burning desire to “fan the flames of entrepreneurial spirit” across the globe as they see this as one of the many possible paths people could take to fundamentally change the course of their life.

They founded nzira as a way to “pay it forward” to the next generation of aspirational entrepreneurs from around the world. THIS last point is VERY important to them as the vast majority of information available on the Internet is aimed at “Developed Nations”.

The problems faced by, and opportunities available to, people in “Developing Nations” are VASTLY different and yet at the same time, many opportunties exist for people in these places to access global markets for goods and services and they are simply unaware of them!

The primary purpose of nzira is to “Empower Entrepreneurs” by sharing stories, advice, information and inspiration with these people who might simply just need a bit of guidance on where to starts and how to get going.

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Andrew Vorster
Jon Downing