Andrew Vorster

Born and raised in rural South Africa with a deep sense of tradition and culture, storytelling is in my blood!

I know first hand the power of sharing stories that provide hope and guidance to motivate entire communities to change direction and take a different path for future than the one their circumstances might have led them to believe was inevitable.

Although I have a degree in Technology and a qualification in Foresight and I have held IT, CTO and VP positions in a variety of both startups and large global organisations, I have really earned my living over the years through sharing stories and visions of the opportunties that technology provides to society, industry and the individuals within – igniting innovation and inspiring change and transformation.

I’ve been an entrepreneur from an early age, getting my first taste by offering my services as a DJ for friends parties while I was still in school (I had an awesome music collection!!!) and later by doing photo shoots when I was a teenager and saved up to buy my first 35mm camera.

After spending 2 years in the army I worked a full time day job for while attending university at night, which presented new entrepreneurial opportunities as I offered my newly gained IT skills in the form of consulting and advice to individuals and local businesses who were just beginning to get their heads around the concept of computers back in the 1980’s.

I’ve had many “sidehustles” (ideas, products and services that earn income on a part time basis) over the years, even while I’ve been employed in organisations of many different sizes and I’m still constantly exploring multiple opportunites to leverage my skills in many different ways in order to build as many diverse income streams as I can.

I’ll be sharing some of the stories here on this site of what I’ve done in the past as many of the ideas and concepts are as valid now as they were back then – some even more so in fact due to the power of the internet!

If you’d like to know what I currently do as a “day job” you can read all about it on my professional site over at