Helping Hand

helping hand

Are YOU willing to lend a helping hand?

We are NOT asking for financial support but we could use a helping hand when it comes to content!

The site is primarily divided into 2 topics – “HOW TO” (covering tools, techniques, frameworks etc) and “IDEAS” (stories and inspiration drawn from others) – please take a look to see if you could help us with:-

  • Links to recommended (free or open source) templates, frameworks and methodologies – even better if you are willing to share your own! These will be added to our resources directory with sources cited where relevant
  • “Guest articles” covering relevant topics of interest to the audience – either HOW TO or stories and IDEAS on what to do – these can either be personal experiences, case studies or anecdotes about things you have seen / heard – we are happy to cite you as the author / source of the article of course
  • Interviews – could you spare the time to share your insights and advice for aspiring entrepreneurs on a zoom call for us to publish on YouTube?
  • Links to organisations around the world that encourage and support entrepreneurism or provide entreprenerial education, workshops, acclerators, funding etc
  • Introductions to people in your network that might be willing and able to help out with any of the above
  • Ideas about how and what we should be doing with this site in order to have maximum impact
  • FOLLOW us on LinkedIn and SHARE our posts across your social media platforms – we don’t have any other social media accounts as yet and we use our own personal / professional accounts to drive traffic to this site as we begin to build out the community

Please use the form below if you can ofrer a helping hand in any way:-