How to get started as an entrepreneur?

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One of the most common questions we are asked is “how do I get started as an entrepreneur?”.

Many people are just looking for an easy way to make money and they just from one “get rich quick” scam to the next and never end up doing anything at all. But then there are the serious ones – those that are willing to put in the time and hard work that it takes to really get started as an entrepreneur and build something that could quite well be life changing!

If this sounds like you then read on.

There are MANY different routes to get started as an entrepreneur, so please don’t think this is by any means the ONLY way – but it IS a good starting point if you have the passion and drive to begin your entrepreneurial journey.

The KEY to being a successful entrepreneur is:-

“To solve a problem that people are willing to PAY for to be solved”

That’s it – no magic required – I’ve just saved you hundreds of hours and who knows how many $$$ of expensive courses!!!

Ahhhh – but there are MILLIONS of “problems that people are willing to pay for to be solved” – so that doesn’t sound very helpful right???

I’ve already said that there are MANY ways to get started as an entrepreneur and many people and companies spend A LOT of time “scanning the horizon” to think of problems that people will be willing to pay for IN THE FUTURE – you only have to look at the multitude of new problems and new ideas that came about because of the COVID19 Pandemic which saw many successful entrepreneurs begin their journey at a time that the world seemed to be in complete chaos. This technique is a special skill which we won’t be covering here today as we have a far less complicated way for you to think about ways for you to get started as an entrepreneur.

The simplest place to start is with YOUR PASSIONS – what are YOU really passionate about? If you are really passionate about something, chances are that you’ve developed a particular set of skills related to those passions – which could be cooking, drawing, gardening, taking photos, looking after animals – anything really!

Then think about what problems you have faced and products or services you have paid for to help you solve those problems. What do other people pay for that face the same problems?

Now think about ALL the skills you have (not JUST the skills you have related to your passions) – how can you apply those skills to solve the problems that people are willing to pay for?

The best place for you to get started as an entrepreneur is right where all these three overlap – that’s your target!

The sweet spot to get started as an entrepreneur
The sweet spot is in the middle

We have created a simple worksheet with full instructions for you to download (completely free and no email or contact details required) and work through to help you think through the process.

It even has a fully completed example that I worked through myself which resulted in me launching a new business (which has now expanded into 3 seperate business lines!) – simply click here to download your copy and you can get started as an entrepreneur TODAY!

This post is the first in a series of steps to help you get started on your entrepreneurship journey – follow the steps by reading the next post “I have an idea, now what” by clicking on the link.

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