showing the way

Before embarking on any journey, it’s wise to seek the advice of others who have travelled towards the same destination – they might have maps to guide you and could suggest a different path or shortcuts they discovered on the way. They can warn you of the obstacles you will might encounter and suggest how to prepare for what you will face. They may even ofter to guide you for part or all of your journey.

They will all have stories to tell!

We aim to draw together as much advice as possible by building a library of links to “maps” in the form of

  • how to get started
  • different ways to look at your current circumstances in a new light and think of new business ideas – take a look at our “HOW TO” posts to get going
  • simple business ideas you could start with little or no money – you can take a looks at our “IDEAS” posts for some inspiration
  • how to to figure out which of your ideas will make you money
  • basic budgeting and what you need to know about money before you go into business
  • things to think about before being your own boss
  • and much, much more ……..

We will also be interviewing people who have “been there, done that”, sharing their stories to give you further advice and encouragement to take that first step.

Here are some useful links for you to look at while we build our resource library:-

  • Entrepreneurial Ecosystems – an American organisation that shares resources and templates for you to download
  • Fundación Paraguaya – on a mission to change people’s lives and restore their dignity – the foundation operates in 20 countries across the world
  • Futurpreneur Canada – Canadian organisation with a focus on youth. Many resources and templates available on the site
  • Global Youth Entrepreneurs – a growing youth community that also runs online challenges
  • Inclusive Innovation – this organisation is closely aligned with our goals
  • Making Cents International – an all women owned small business with a focus on entrepreneurial education around the world
  • Many Rivers – an Australian organisation providing free support and advice for entrepreneurs
  • SEED – a UK focussed organisation driving initiatives for disadvantaged communities
  • Youth Business International – a global organisation active in 65 countries, supporting underserved young people turn their ideas into businesses
  • Youthpower – this is a global organisation focussed on young people. There are many useful resources available here