start where we are

Hundreds of millions of people around the world are unemployed or underemployed – a situation made far worse by the COVID19 pandemic with some estimates putting global job losses at roughly half a billion people.

These people are stuck where they are – geographically, economically, financially and mentally and they struggle to see a way out of their current situation.

“the path from one place to another”
from the Shona language spoken in Zimbabwe
also commonly used to refer to “your destiny.

There are many paths to take to move forward towards a more financially secure future – one of which is to become a self employed entrepreneur – if only more people had an idea of the opportunities available to them and where to start as (sadly) this isn’t something taught at school, even if you are fortunate enough to attend one!

The Internet provides access to a global marketplace of billions of people in all but the remotest areas of the planet, providing more entrepreneurship opportunity than ever before in history. It also gives us a way to rapidly share ideas, advice and instruction, democratising access to education and the collective knowledge of all humanity.

We are on a mission to “Empower Entrepreneurs” by sharing advice and stories of the opportunites, successes and failures of those who have chosen different paths to a more financially secure future.

nzira is a “Social Enterprise” / not-for-profit initiative. We are not a registered charity, but we do not run this site to make any money for ourselves – we are doing this on a “pay-it-forward” basis, devoting our own time and money and relying on volunteer contributors and organisations to share content and resources – please take a look here to see how YOU could offer a helping hand to empower entrepreneurs globally.

If YOU are an aspiring entrepreneur then take a look at some of the stories from around the world in our “IDEAS” posts or start with the “HOW TO” posts to come up with your own way forward.

Your journey to the future starts today – we wish you safe travels.